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The Most Affordable and Best Audiobook Subscriptions

Audiobooks get more and more popular and are gaining more recognition, so these days, there are many great audiobook subscriptions you can choose from!

Many people still believe audiobooks are too expensive for them and that you couldn’t possibly be able to afford to listen to audiobooks regularly. But there are actually some great audiobook subscriptions and websites with audiobook deals out there that make listening to audiobooks more affordable.

Depending on what kind of books you enjoy and how many audiobooks you want to listen to in a month, you’ll most certainly find an audiobook service in this list that’s perfect for you!

Please follow the links below each paragraph to find more in-depth information about the audiobook subscriptions.

Unlimited Audiobook Subscriptions

If you’re an avid audiobook fan, the best way to listen to tons of books all day every day are unlimited audiobook subscriptions. The most well-known is Kindle Unlimited. However, many people aren’t even aware that you can not only find great ebooks in Kindle Unlimited but also fantastic audiobooks!

Grab a 30 day free trial** or read on: How to listen to audiobooks with Kindle Unlimited

Audible has its own brand-new “all you can listen” subscription called Audible Plus. For $7.49 per month, you can choose from a catalog of thousands of Audible Originals and Audible Studios productions.

Grab a 30 day free trial** or read on: What is Audible Plus?

If you don’t want to miss out on bestsellers and hyped books, you should check out Scribd. But it’s important to note that Scribd isn’t really unlimited. They have a lot of undisclosed rules in place! And after starting an audiobook you might lose access to other titles for that billing period. However, for a very low price, you get to listen to many great audiobooks every month, even though Scribd doesn’t say when you will get ‘throttled’ and you might have to wait a few days for the next book.

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Audiobook Deals

If you prefer to own your audiobooks, there are several ways to buy cheap audiobooks that cost even less than an Audible credit!

Audible offers recurring deals like the 2-for-1 sale where you can buy two audiobooks with one credit or the daily deals. Every day, you can buy one audiobook for a significantly reduced price!

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Audiobooks com also regularly runs sales events. You can get bestselling audiobooks for only $5 here. And you don’t even need a membership!

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Amazon’s Whispersync deals are another fantastic way to buy audiobooks for as little as $1.99! When you own an ebook or borrow it through Kindle Unlimited, you often get an offer to add the Audible narration for a reduced price. Click on this link to see which of your ebooks you can buy cheap audiobooks for: Amazon Matchmaker**

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But it doesn’t always have to be Audible! Chirp is part of Bookbub and publishers and authors regularly offer audiobooks at a discounted price on this website. This is not an audiobook subscription! You can just pop by the store regularly to see if you are interested in any of their current deals.

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Free Audiobooks

The most affordable form of audiobooks are, of course, free audiobooks. Many websites and Facebook groups give away free Audible codes. These codes are usually provided by self-published authors or narrators, so these aren’t well-known titles. But you can find great stories with captivating narrations this way!

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Free Audiobook Review Copies

Similarly to the free audiobooks, many self-published authors and narrators give away free Audible codes in exchange for honest reviews. This is a great way for audiobook producers (indie authors and narrators) to promote their work. Writing an Audible review only takes a few minutes and you get to enjoy free audiobooks while supporting the authors and narrators who created them!

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  1. This is a great guide, Eline! I listened to soo many audiobooks this year since finding Scribd, it doubled my reading. And what I love most is that I explore new genres more easily though audiobook subscriptions. I’ve actually listened to a ton of (new?) adult romance books during the summer and founds some new favs I wouldn’t have read otherwise!

    1. That’s awesome! Yeah, it’s one of the things I love most about unlimited subscriptions, that you can just give a book a try. I love picking books by the cover. But I just couldn’t afford that if I paid for each book. I feel like there’s a special magic around going into a book “blind” without any expectations and without knowing where the story will take you, just going along with it.

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