Audiobook Guide – How To Binge on Audiobooks!

How To Listen to Unlimited Audiobooks…

If you love audiobooks like me you have your Audible subscription. But two days after you got a new credit, you are already out of credits and out of audiobook again. Fortunately, there are ways to get your daily hours of reading without having to buy each one individually, the “unlimited audiobooks subscriptions”!

#1 Binging on Romance

The Audible Romance Package**

Over 10,000 audiobooks in the Romance genre are now part of the Audible Romance Package**. During your subscription you can binge to your heart’s content, listening to any and all of those audiobooks marked with an “R” in a purple square in the upper right corner. Audible offers several additional ways to search through the many books. They provide lists based on category, character types, steaminess, and story themes. It’s a great way to check out new authors, too.

While you have an active Kindle Unlimited or Gold/Platinum Audible membership, you get 50% off the monthly subscription price for the Romance Package. But even by itself it’s great value!

When your subscription runs out the “R”-audiobooks you downloaded will be deleted from your device. They aren’t yours to keep. But you can listen to as many of them as you like while your subscription is active.

Only and none of the international sites offer this. But you can sign up to it from anywhere in the world. Simply follow my quick and easy Guide to signing up to the Romance Package outside the USA.

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#2 Self-Published Bliss with so much Variety

Kindle Unlimited with Whispersync**

Kindle Unlimited will also feed your audiobook addiction. There are almost 1.5 million ebooks in Kindle Unlimited. Over 2000 of these also bring a FREE audiobook with them! And many thousands more have a so-called Whispersync deal. That means you can buy the audiobook for a reduced price (usually somewhere between $2 and $10) when you borrow the ebook through Kindle Unlimited.

When you toggle e-Books with Audible Narration** in the left bar you see all those KU books that come with an audiobook. Some of them are entirely free during your subscription. However, these will be deleted from your device when your KU membership runs out. 

If you buy an audiobook for a reduced price (“Audio Upgrade” or “Whispersync deal”), you own the audiobook and can listen to it whenever you want. Even after your Kindle Unlimited subscription runs out.

Kindle is always limited to your local Amazon. You cannot buy Kindle books or audiobooks or get Kindle Unlimited offers on international Amazon websites. And the deals can slightly differ between local Amazon websites.

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Check my weekly post of the newest additions to Kindle Unlimited and the Romance Package. This post always includes many Whispersync deals as well – the best way to buy cheap audiobooks that are yours to keep.

#3 The Fancy Yet Economical Choice

Annual Audible Platinum Subscription**

Yes, at first the Annual Platinum subscription seems to have a shocker price. But, as with so many things, if you buy in bulk, the price per item drops considerably. Platinum means you get 2 credits per month. And the annual plan only costs the equivalent of 10 months (compared to the monthly plan). So the price per credit drops by more than 30%! In that light, this offer is worth considering. These are of course all audiobooks that you own and keep if you cancel your subscription at some point. Many international Audible sites do not offer this plan, so make sure you choose**!

Other Options….

You will find a lot of promises online for sites with free audiobooks or sites that claim to be cheaper than Audible. I did not include any of those because they just do not measure up. The quality of the production, narration and stories is much lower than on Audible. And you won’t find any of the popular authors, not even the popular self-published authors there.
I have heard a lot of good things about library services like Hoopla. Some of them have popular audiobooks in their program. But sadly, this option isn’t available to everyone as you. Firstly, need to have a local library that is taking part. And, secondly, they need to actually have any of the audiobooks you want.

So, Amazon and Audible remain the best way to get basically unlimited choices of well produced audiobooks in subscriptions or deals!

Happy listening!

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11 thoughts on “Audiobook Guide – How To Binge on Audiobooks!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the graphic – not only is it a nice touch, but I couldn’t agree more with #2 (You have time to read again! While driving, cleaning, walking…). I do still enjoy books, but I agree that you can’t beat the convenience of an audiobook to help you listen to your favorite story or about your favorite subject while you’re at the gym or even while doing chores around the house!

  2. Great discussion! I am a serious audiobook addict so this is perfect for me 🙂 I have a monthly Audible subscription but also get a lot of my audiobooks through the Whispersync on Kindle.

    1. You know there’s also a big selection of fully included audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited, right? There are two different ways to search for this, and honestly, it doesn’t make much sense, but depending on when you click to include audio-updates, you either get the “Read and Listen for free” choices or those plus the Whispersync upgrades.

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