Audiobook Recommendations January 2024

It’s only January, and I’ve already listened to two of the most delightful books of the year (calling it now!).

I mean, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and so on and so forth, but apparently, two people standing at a beach, looking out at sea, is a good indicator that I will love that Romance, haha!

Aside from these truly lovely love stories, I also have wonderfully chilling Thrillers and an amazing Romantasy for you!

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Out on a Limb

Out On a Limb audiobook cover shows a white man and woman standing on a sandy beach, looking out at the sea, he has his arm around her, his left leg ends in a prothesis.

Hannah Bonam-Young (Author), Victoria Connolly (Narrator)

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For me, this is one of the best feelings: You are super excited about a book release, it’s one of your most anticipated books because of the premise. Then you listen to it, and it not only does justice to the premise but is also all-around excellent!

Ever since I first heard about the Out on a Limb ebook, I kept checking whether it would get an audio version, and I have been counting down the days.

I try not to miss any Romance books with disability representation, and both main characters here have a limb difference. And now, here is the audio version!

Surprise pregnancy is usually not my favorite trope, as for so many Romance readers, and this is something the author addresses in the foreword. But it was done so great here where the pregnancy happened through a realistic mistake.

And the entire pregnancy experience felt so relatable to me. It’s a truly touching and emotional listen!

Wyn is an intensely lovable character. It was wonderful to follow her on her journey. And I adored Bo! The two make such a sweet couple that I could wholeheartedly root for.

Victoria Connolly did a perfect narration, bringing out all the emotions, sweetness, and steaminess of this love story.

I cannot recommend this book enough to you! And I sincerely hope that it will make waves. Audiobooks released in December tend to have it hard, so for me, this is now one of the best audiobooks of 2024!

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Second Chances in New Port Stephen

Second Chances in New Port Stephen audiobook cover is a colorful drawing of two men standing on a sandy beach, looking out at the sea, next to them a palm tree and a flamingo wearing a Santa hat

TJ Alexander (Author), Aden Hakimi (Narrator), Feodor Chin (Narrator)

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This book, oh, this book! It is so tender and wonderful, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Eli is a trans man and returns to his Florida hometown post-transition, as his career had hit a significant roadblock. When he runs into his high school ex Nick, things get messy. Eli is worried Nick only sees him as the woman he used to believe Eli to be.

And Nick, in turn, feels increasingly uncomfortable in the hetero box Eli keeps pushing him into.

Aden Hakimi and Feodor Chin so beautifully brought Eli and Nick to life! The two men have to go through quite some soul-searching to get their lives on track and figure out if – and how – they can make room for each other in their lives.

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First Lie Wins

First Lie Wins audiobook cover is a photo picture of a dark house front

Ashley Elston (Author), Saskia Maarleveld (Narrator)

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I adored the twisty, fast-paced mystery in First Lie Wins!

Our heroine seems to live a charming life with her boyfriend. But she is actually an agent, and everything’s just a front to provide her boss with secret information about her “boyfriend’s” business.

But things start crumbling around our heroine as she increasingly feels like her boss is trying to take her down.

A cat-and-mouse game develops in which it becomes less and less clear who is running from whom.

This is just about the perfect Thriller recommendation for my fellow Romance readers! And Saskia Maarleveld brings out all of our main character’s badassness, as well as her thoughts and feelings.

All the Hidden Paths

All the Hidden Paths audiobook cover shows the book's title in cursive, surrounded by intricate purple flowers and green leaves on a black background

Foz Meadows (Author), James Fouhey (Narrator), Vikas Adam (Narrator)

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If the new year already feels like too much, a trip to Tithena is just what you need!

All the Hidden Paths is the second book in the Tithenai Chronicles, an M/M Romantasy following a couple who were married for political reasons and now have to figure out married life, while weathering all kinds of dangers thrown in their path.

I love the pacing and narrative voice of A Strange and Stubborn Endurance and All the Hidden Paths. The world feels very fleshed out and epic, and yet, we are so intimately focused on Velasin’s struggle and Caethari’s growing feelings.

Velasin was assaulted by a former lover. The aftermath of this and his trauma are focal points of the story in the first book and this second one. It overshadows Velasin’s meeting with his husband and he struggles greatly with overcoming the horrible experience.

Caethari starts out much less burdened, but he quickly falls for Velasin – feelings that are basically unrequited.

James Fouhey and Vikas Adam are so excellent at bringing all this yearning out! A truly beautiful audiobook and a must for Fantasy Romance fans!

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Hunting Game

The cover of Hunting Game Audible Original shows Krysten Ritter and Anthony Mackie, police cars in the background

Candice Fox (Author), Krysten Ritter (Narrator), Anthony Mackie (Narrator), and a full cast

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Hunting Game is an incredibly gripping audio play with the amazing Krysten Ritter and Anthony Mackie.

At the center is the case of a kidnapped child, but with the kid’s father being a very ruthless pharma CEO, and the detective’s own child being chronically ill, things get messy quickly.

I loved the intricacies in this story, the many shades of grey between the black and white, trying to guess who would be willing to break the rules and who would stick to them.

The audio production is, of course, top-notch, as we’ve come to expect from Audible Originals. But Hunting Game also has a well-written story that will pull Thriller and Police Procedural fans right in!

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The Crimetime audiobook cover shows  red and black silhouettes of a woman and man holding up a phone

Jeneva Rose (Author), Drew Pyne (Author), Abelardo Campuzano (Narrator), Jennifer Damiano (Narrator), and a full cast

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As you now know, I’m a sucker for a good audio play!

#Crimetime is a super fun full-cast production (and not an Audible Original this time). It kept me so well entertained during a very long, very tedious chore.

I was actually surprised when the book ended because it hadn’t felt like I had been at it for that long.

Nadiya lives with her half-brother, who found her through an online ancestry test. She tells him that he should stay away from their father.

Then horrible things start happening around them, and Nadiya and Chase must flee. And the safest place to go… is their father’s secret safe house.

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