Audiobook Recommendations October 2021

My audiobook recommendations for October include many different flavors of Contemporary Romance, and some great Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy books that are perfect to get in the mood for Halloween!

In my parts of the world, September always feels like “Fall light”. Leaves are starting to change their color, it doesn’t quite feel like Summer anymore, but the weather is still mostly nice and jackets are optional. Good times! October, however… Well, let me put it like this, I hate cold, dark, rainy weather. So, me and October, we aren’t the best of friends, haha.

But it is a good time to cuddle up with books, I grant you that, and I have listened to some great ones lately that, no matter if you love or hate Fall, will make October an awesomely bookish month!

best audiobooks october

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The One and Only Crystal Druid

Audiobook The One and Only Crystal Druid by Annette Marie

Annette Marie (Author), Cris Dukehart (Narrator)

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I can’t get enough of Annette Marie’s Guild Codex world! It is so amazingly done and one of my absolutely favorite Urban Fantasies! The One and Only Crystal Druid is the very aptly named first book in a new series focussing on, as you might have guessed, the one and only Crystal Druid. This book works as an introduction to the Guild Codex world (you can still catch up later once you are hooked). And you absolutely don’t want to miss this crazy Chaotic Neutral energy! The only reason Zak and Saber don’t make a truly frightening pair is that neither plays well with others. These two are such unique characters and Cris Dukeheart is always a pleasure to listen to!

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With You Forever

With You Forever by Chloe Liese: Audiobook recommendations October 2021

Chloe Liese (Author), CJ Bloom (Narrator), Nelson Hobbs (Narrator)

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I adore Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers series so much! And With You Forever did not disappoint. Chloe Liese always centers characters in her stories who don’t usually get a lot of representation in Romance and Rooney is a great example of that. Rooney has a form of Inflamed Bowel Syndrome and is just going through a flare-up. The book is very real about her symptoms and everything that comes along with them. And it makes her love story with Axel all the more beautiful! I loved this book and CJ Bloom and Nelson Hobbs brought it to life so well.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers

Rachael Sommers (Author), Lori Prince (Narrator)

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Never Say Never is a steamy age-gap Romance between a hard-working single mom and the young woman she hires as a nanny to look after her son. This book has great bisexual representation and I loved both women in this story so very much. It is utterly charming and emotional! Lori Prince did a wonderful narration. I’m highly recommending this audiobook both for fellow Bi/Lesbian Romance fans and for anyone who is curious about trying out an F/F for the first time!

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The Love Hypothesis

Audiobook The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Ali Hazelwood (Author), Callie Dalton (Narrator)

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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is probably the most hyped Romance book at the moment. My first impulse with books like that is to stay away. However, I had an early copy and listened to it before the hype, so I went in without any special expectations. And I honestly loved it! I’m sure not everyone will love how Ali Hazelwood handled certain sensitive topics. But the characters drew me in completely. They are so cute and romantic together and the fake relationship trope was so much fun! The narration was wonderful, too. The author has official content notes on her website you might want to check out if you have triggers.

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A Lot Like Adios

Audiobook A Lot Like Adios by Alexis Daria

Alexis Daria (Author), Seraphine Valentine (Narrator)

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Alexis Daria’s stories are just as beautiful as her book covers! And even though I found Gabe a bit exasperating, A Lot Like Adios was a wonderful book that I enjoyed very much and couldn’t turn off. Michelle is such a fantastic, kickass heroine and I was absolutely rooting for her. And hey, if it’s Gabe she wants, who am I to judge?! Seraphine Valentine was great as always!

Payback’s a Witch

Payback's a Witch by Lana Harper

Lana Harper (Author), Jeremy Carlisle Parker (Narrator)

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I adored this Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy so very much! Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper was one of my absolute highlights lately! The storyline surrounding a magical tournament was very gripping. And then there’s Emmy’s love interested, Talia, a super sexy, super powerful witch. The two are friggin adorable together! Jeremy Carlisle Parker was new to me but the narration is great. I definitely consider this a must-listen audiobook in October! Payback’s a Witch is also on my list of 13 weird and spooky Audiobooks for Halloween.

First Love, Take Two

First Love Take Two by Sajni Patel

Sajni Patel (Author), Soneela Nankani (Narrator)

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First Love, Take Two is the second part in The Trouble with Hating You series. I loved the first book and the second one was just as wonderful! Soneela Nankani is really one of my favorite narrators. This is a very emotional second chance Romance and the love story between Preeti and Daniel is so friggin romantic! It also tackles the topic of mental health, specifically anxiety and touch aversion, in a very good way. And we get to see some of the aftermath of what happened in the first book with Liya which I found great. Sajni Patel doesn’t shy away from very difficult topics. And even though I’m sure not everyone agrees with how she handles them, her stories definitely work for me. I would wish for official content notes though since there are triggers aplenty in this book as well as in the first one in the series.

Racism and xenophobia are a central part of the storyline. Sexual assault off-page of a supporting character, victim-blaming on-page. Stillbirth on-page (the FMC is the doctor in the scene).

No Words

Audiobook No Words by Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot (Author), Piper Goodeve (Narrator)

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No Words was my first Meg Cabot book and I loved it! This is a wonderful Romantic Comedy. It’s emotional, it made me laugh out loud, and it made me swoon. I took some time to warm up to Will because, yes, initially, the Nicholas Sparks vibes were pretty strong. But I just went along with Jo and her adventures in the Florida Keys. This is such a nice escape from the increasingly bad Fall weather in my parts of the world! And Piper Goodeve was such a pleasure to listen to.

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