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Legal Magick series by Alisa Woods

Legal Magick is a new Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy series in Audible Escape.

Book 1 Ever Strange was released in March, and book 2 Mercy Strange was released in May. In each book, one of the Strange sisters finds her partner, and there’s an overarching storyline involving Strange Medical Technologies and the FBI.

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Ever Strange / Mercy Strange (Legal Magick series)

written by Alisa Woods


The Story

I liked the magic concept a lot. Every adapt has a specific talent, or sometimes several. That’s the kind of magic they can use. Their talents belong to two categories: Field Magick is common and allowed. Mental Magick is illegal and people who have these talents try to hide them (or become criminals, or get hired by the FBI, sometimes both).

The characters’ names are quite… uhhm… bold. Ever Strange is the heroine in book 1. And Swift Payne is the name of book 2’s hero.

But other than these very flowery names, I found Legal Magick to not walk into common Urban Fantasy tropes. The author, Alisa Woods, is actually all action and not just talk.

Her main characters are very friendly and polite when talking to each other. But they are true heroes. They feel responsible to help, plan carefully, and go in without fear.

I found that very refreshing because “all talk and no action” is a pet peeve of mine. Nothing worse than an Urban Fantasy heroine who evereyone describes as a badass, but never does anything.

What’s also noteworthy, while the heroines Ever and Mercy Strange both comment in their inner monologue on how incredibly hot their respective love interest is, neither of the men does this. Instead, the men comment in their inner monologues on how comfortable they feel with the heroines and how smart they are.

There are explanations of what the heroines are wearing. As readers, we know their very unique personal styles. But other than that, they’re not made out to be beauty queens. They’re great, complex women who have accomplished a lot with their work in medmagickal research.



Ever Strange is narrated by Lance Greenfield and Brooke Hayden. I found her to have a very unique voice that fit the character and genre perfectly. Her intonations and voices were absolutely on point. Lance Greenfield also did a great job although, for my taste, he could have been a little less intense in his narration.

Mercy Strange is narrated by Summer Roberts and Alexander Cendese. Their narration of book 2 was as captivating as book 1’s. They both have an impressive range of voices and fit their characters well.

I liked that both couples had different narrators.


If you like stories with magic and police procedurals, I’m sure you’ll have a great time with Legal Magick. Urban Fantasy fans will enjoy it, too. If you enjoy Smart Romance, you should also give this series a try!

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