The 10 Best Romance Audiobooks of 2019

In 2019, I’ve listened to over 200 great Romance audiobooks. And some were not only entertaining but absolutely outstanding! Below, you’ll find in no particular order the, in my opinion, best Romance audiobooks of 2019: Fantastic narrations and love stories that matter!

Considering the thousands upon thousands of audiobooks that have been released last year, it takes a lot to be considered one of the best audiobooks of 2019. For a perfect production, everything needs to fit! The story and writing need to be great, and the narrators have to really become the book’s characters. So that the audiobook is on the next level and more than its parts.

More than someone reading you a nice story.

And that’s why I can wholeheartedly recommend every single one of the books below and suggest you start working your way through the list 😉

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The Best Romance Audiobooks of 2019


Get a Life, Chloe Brown**

written by Talia Hibbert, narrated by Adjoa Andoh

I’ve become quite the Talia Hibbert fan throughout 2019 after listening to Untouchable. But when I heard she would release a Romance with a chronically ill heroine, I was more than thrilled! And Chloe Brown even exceeded my expectations! The narration was absolutely fantastic, and the enemies to lovers storyline was… simply everything. I love this book to bits, not just because of what it stands for (inclusion), but for what it actually is (a super entertaining, fun, deeply emotional love story).

This will totally be worth your time and Audible credit as it’s definitely one of my favorite audiobooks ever!!


The A.I. Who Loved Me**

written by Alyssa Cole, narrated by Regina Hall, Feodor Chin, and a full cast

Audible Escape makes it easy to go into books without any prior knowledge. And I love letting books take me by surprise. So I just downloaded The A.I. Who Loved Me without knowing what to expect. At first, I was confused. What’s happening here? Where are we? What’s going on? I should also add that I have absolutely 0 patience so I tend to DNF books at the slightest rise of doubts. However, despite my initial confusion, The A.I. Who Loved Me captivated me rapidly! The story played like a movie in my mind. I more than appreciated the political criticism in this Sci-Fi Romance, but the romantic twist was what really grabbed me and made me recommend this audiobook at every opportunity.


Salt Magic, Skin Magic**

written by Lee Welch, narrated by Joel Leslie

Salt Magic, Skin Magic was my first favorite of the year. I listened to the audiobook in February and it completely blew me away. This book was many firsts for me. My first Joel Leslie narration, my first M/M Romance, my first Historical. And it probably had a huge part in making me fall in love with M/M and Historical Romance. It also instantly turned me into a Joel Leslie fan who is really one of the best audiobook narrators out there!

Salt Magic, Skin Magic is a book that perfectly embodies the magic of audiobooks: When a great story and the perfect narrator come together and lift the audio up to an even higher level. This is definitely a must-listen!



written by Lauren Rowe, narrated by Lauren Rowe and John Lane

Rockstar was breathtaking on so many levels! What Lauren Rowe created here – not just the story, not just the audiobook, but the entire 22 Goats universe – is astounding. She is an insanely talented person! I have listened to Caught Violet Handed, a song she specifically wrote and recorded for this book, on repeat for days. And the cover model for Dax?!? I’ve rarely seen more perfect casting. You can also see the model in some of the music videos produced for the book.

Yeah, Rockstar really is a whole Romance experience like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Immerse yourself in Dax’s world!


Heartbreak Warfare**

written by Heather M. Orgeron and Kate Stewart, narrated by Tracy Marks and Aaron Shedlock

Love Triangle Romance is not for everyone, I know. But I’m a total sucker for this trope! One title that regularly came up when I asked for recommendations was Heartbreak Warfare. And in 2019, this Romance novel finally came out on Audible! I bought it so fast and it was everything I had hoped for!

This is not an easy listen. It’s raw and emotional and difficult. Not a feel-good-audio maybe, but it definitely has all the feels! Personally, I loved the ending and it made me very happy indeed. And this story paired with the vulnerable sounding voices of the narrators… This might well be one of the best angsty Romance audiobooks out there!


Unmasked by the Marquess**

written by Cat Sebastian, narrated by Joel Leslie

As I mentioned earlier, I discovered Joel Leslie early in 2019. And since then, I have regularly picked up his audiobooks just because he’s the narrator. When I stumbled over this book that looked like an M/F Romance at first glance, I was intrigued. And Unmasked by the Marquess is a very queer Historical Romance indeed!

The hero is very comfortably bisexual, and his partner is non-binary. I loved the character development, both Alistair’s and Robin’s. All of that told by Joel Leslie who makes such a perfect haughty English nobleman and has great female voices as well! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book. And it’s one of the best Romance audiobooks of 2019 not only because it is an all-around wonderful love story, but also because it features a non-binary character who don’t get enough representation in Adult Romance.


Pain (Curse of the Gods book 5)**

written by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve, narrated by Vanessa Moyen

Curse of the Gods was my first taste of Reverse Harem. But to be honest, no Reverse Harem book I read afterward was as epic as Curse of the Gods. The interesting world-building, the absolutely enchanting main character, the hot and complex guys, the witty sense of humor, the storyline that stayed solidly away from the usual tropes, and the narrator who brought it all to life so perfectly. This series has it all!

And the finale was just as amazing as the previous parts. Whether or not Reverse Harem is your thing, this is a series that is worth reading if you enjoy Fantasy Romance. For me, it’s a definite re-read. It’s just so damn epic!


Always a Love Song**

written by Charley Clarke, narrated by Melissa Moran

This Lesbian Romance hit me right in the feels and stood out with how much it moved me. Bridget returns to her home town after making it big in the music industry. There she has to face her ex who she left behind five years earlier. The book started with such a difficult set-up and I honestly wasn’t sure how those two would actually get back together. They hadn’t moved on but their break-up was a huge deal and nothing to easily forgive and forget. I loved how intensely emotional this story was. It didn’t wallow in overdramatic angst. And yet there was honest and realistic angst. It worked so well!

If you enjoy a more serious love story, Always A Love Song won’t let you down!



written by Ava Harrison, narrated by Shane East and Andi Arndt

I’m a sucker for a good fake relationship Romance. And Intention was a friggin amazing one! And then there’s the heroine’s Endometriosis journey which was heartbreaking because it was so damn realistic. I know a lot of Endo-Warriors and know what chronic pain does to you. Seeing it represented and handled so well by the author in the context of Romance and all that entails was… well… it was everything!

Intention is a very raw and real Romance while still giving you all the things you want from this genre. Definitely one of the best Romance audiobooks of 2019!

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The Bromance Book Club**

written by Lyssa Kay Adams, narrated by Andrew Eiden and Maxwell Caulfield

The Bromance Book Club has been featured on many lists in 2019 because it’s a really special Romance novel! The author connects so beautifully both the feminist approach to reading Romance and that romance shouldn’t die because you get married. I loved the message that you can still have an ongoing Happily Ever After even if you aren’t 20 anymore and have already found your forever-partner.

I’m very much looking forward to more books in this series in 2020 because a Romance book club for men is such a cool idea!

Three of the books from this list are also featured in my collaboration post of 50 of the best audiobooks of all time!

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  1. I love your lists and this one reminded me that I need to listen to the other Morgan books!! I really wouldn’t have thought it but Peen caught my heart, too. Good thing I trusted you there 😁
    And now I have a few others to add to my tbr!

    1. Haha, it really was! I didn’t expect it at all and then I sat there with 3 more books… Top 13 sounded really stupid :-/

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