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With the year ending soon my blog is slowly moving towards its halfsiest birthday (halfsy? halfsest?… 6 months blogiversary, argh!). And this year I’ve joined two reading challenges officially, and one unofficially.


Reading Challenges 2018 - Lovely Audiobooks taking part in the hotlistens audiobook challenge and the 2018 discussion challenge

#1 Hotlistens Audiobook Challenge 2018

The current tally: 12 audiobooks in Mini Reviews and 40 single reviews since the blog came to be in July 2018. That means between those and the audiobooks I’ve listened to before blogging I crushed the Audiobook Challenge! I aimed for the highest level of Marathoner 50+ audiobooks. Yay 🙂

2018 Audiobook Challenge

#2 2018 Discussion Challenge

I aimed for one discussion (level 1-10 Discussion Dabbler), and I did one. Actually, I did two. But I didn’t enter the other one into the challenge. I don’t think I’ll aim for a higher level than Dabbler next year since I am ridiculously argumentative and have a bajillion pet peeves. I’m worried you’d roll your eyes even more at me than you already are. So, let’s rather not open that can o’ worms. >,>

“Official” discussion post: Do you care about your favourite authors’ political views?

Second discussion post: Are romance novels the white bread of literature?

2018 Discussion Challenge

#3 A to Z Challenge 2018

I haven’t joined this one officially but I’m working hard on filling out the empty letters in my author and narrator lists. Sadly though, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish even just the author one this year 🙁 Some unexpected letters have proven very tricky. But I found some truly entertaining books on this quest. Most prominently: my X listen, The Dragonian’s Witch by Meg Xuemei X. That wasn’t my usual genre but it was absolutely awesome!

My goal until the end of the year are to at least listen to the books by authors with the missing letters, then review them all in January. I already listened to my G (Reasonable Doubt** by Whitney G), N (The Heart of Christmas** by Brenda Novak) and Y (Understudy** by Cheyanne Young). Now I still need to find I L T and U. That’s doable!

The 2019 A to Z Challenge, hosted by Ginger Mom and Books & Bindings


Goals for 2019

Next year I’ll definitely join the audiobook challenge again. I’ve got that one, guys 😉

I don’t do any Goodreads reading challenges because… well… Goodreads and I, we’re just not friends. I like to look up books there, but I can’t keep track of my reading with it. It’s too much hassle for me and I keep forgetting. Then I’m bummed out that I forgot and don’t even bother anymore at all. So yeah, just the audiobook challenge for me!

It would be nice to join a few more book blogger challenges, now that I got my feet wet. So I do want to do a few discussion posts (but, you know, less than 10… so I don’t annoy anyone with all my opinionatedness). And I’ll look for a few more.

After filling out the author index, I want to focus on the narrator one. This A to Z thing is such a great way to look beyond what I would normally pick and try out new genres. Depending on how well that goes, I might do the book title A to Z as well. But I currently don’t even have a list for that 😀


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36 thoughts on “Reading Challenges 2018

  1. Question – a bit off topic but I’m dying to know. For those that don’t use goodreads to track your reads – what do you use?! I can’t get into GR. Thank you for this post btw – I’m excited to do my first challenge this year. 🙂

    1. So glad to hear I’m not the only one struggling with GR 😉 But yeah, there are so many more challenges. More general ones that you can basically do on the side while reading what you wanted to read anyway. And others that are more specific and motivate you to try out something different.

  2. I don’t tend to take part in challenges, only because I have a list of over 00 books that have been sent to me by authors/publishers to get through and I don’t have time. Hopefully one day.

  3. I wish I had taken an audiobook challenge. I have listened to 113 this year (about 70 were new ones to me. The other’s were re-listens. I am listening to a couple at the moment, 1 has me completely gripped. I have done the 12 Books Of Christmas challenge and will be doing my post about that this week. I did well on my Goodreads challenge too.

  4. This year I only did my Goodreads challenge, which I hit..woohoo! and a September HS Reading Redo where I reread books I was supposed to read in school that I chose to read the Cliff Notes instead, hehe. I need to look into these for 2019!

  5. I never took part in the A-Z challenge. I’m hearing it for the first time that someone has a problem using goodreads. My goal for 2019 is to do a lot of reading and finish my university course

  6. I did the A to Z Challenge 2018 and Beat the Backlist this year but didn’t complete either and forgot to link up my posts for both. I did read quite a lot of books for each though, and did well with the various readathons I took part in this year.

  7. I have been using Goodreads since 2014. I try my best to add to my list. I am definitely doing that challenge again.

      1. Oh I didn’t see that one. I’m going to look now! I don’t know, I just requested like 12 books on Netgalley. I’m trying to get my reviewer status up.

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