Spiral of Need

by Suzanne Wright

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Spiral of Need Suzanne Wright

This book started out really strong. We have Ally, wolf shifter and Seer. She is wrongfully accused of attempted murder and has to leave her pack. Things happen and Derren, beta of the Mercury Pack, comes to pick her up and protect her. Both Derren and his pack are no fans of Seers so Ally has a long way to go to prove herself to them.


I liked the character of Ally a lot. She is bad-ass, a real fighter, yet as a Seer also an empath. The combination of being sensitive yet strong was done really well here, her actions spoke for her, not ye olde descriptive “oh, look at her, she’s such a strong woman”. Jill Redfield further supported this, she has a strong, straight-forward way of reading. I liked her narration a lot. She has a solid bunch of different voices, her male voices are good, and her intonations made her narration captivating.


It also added a lot to the story that the book is part of a bigger world and most side characters had their own story which were shortly mentioned and made the world feel more fleshed out. And yet…. while the story started out so great, it just fizzled out for me somewhere halfway through. For a story this long there was a serious lack of storyline. Big plot points were resolved in mere minutes, there was no traditional climax (but a whoooole lot of the other kind of climax), neither in regard to the romance between the two wolves nor in regard to the baddies and intrigue around them. There were, however, a whole lot of very long sex scenes that didn’t add anything to the character or story development. Since the story started out so great it felt to me like a waste and more than once was I tempted to skip forward to go on with the plotline. What also didn’t help was Derren’s strong urge to make Ally submit during sex. That was no erotic but an animalistic thing and was… hm… very unnecessary.


Considering how intrigued I was initially, I really would have liked to see more action in this book, more real struggles and issues, instead of being rushed through the storyline to get to the next sex scene.



3 out of 5 “I wanna fuck you like an animal” stars
There was a whole lot of sex, some of it was good. But she didn’t want the weird submission thing. That’s just not sexy.



Audiobook > Book
Jill Redfield does a fantastic narration of this story! So if you want to give this a go, get the audiobook.


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