Book Review Link-up February 2019

Book Review Link-Up

Welcome back to the Book Blogger Linky!

Reviews are the cornerstone of any book blog. Yet, they often don’t get a lot of love, be it through comments or views.

Personally, I enjoy writing reviews the most. And I’m very pleased to be able to give all of our awesome reviews a platform here. [... read more]

Book Blogger Review Link-Up January 2019

Lovely Audiobooks Monthly Book Blogger Review Link-up

Welcome back to the Book Blogger Linky!

Reviews are the cornerstone of any book blog. Yet, they often don’t get a lot of love, be it through comments or traffic.

Personally, I enjoy writing reviews the most. And I’m very pleased to be able to give all of our awesome reviews a platform here. [... read more]

Book Blogger Review Link-Up November/December


Welcome to the Review Link-Up November/December!

Reviews are the cornerstone of any book blog. Yet, they often don’t get a lot of love, be it through comments or traffic. Personally, I enjoy writing reviews the most. And I’m very pleased to be able to give all of our awesome reviews a platform here. So, add your links below and get some views, shares and comments for your posts!

This month we’ll have a double feature. I want to change things around and do the link-ups at the 1st of each month. Since that’s not how I’d originally planned it (because my brain has knots in it), we now have two months to cover before we’re fully on the new schedule. That means for all of December you can add your reviews from November and December to the link-up.

Your Review of the Month

You can add a ranting review of a 2-star book, or an excited review of a 5-star book you fell in love with. Or a review of a book you find important and want everyone to read. Link the review you enjoyed writing the most or the one you feel turned out best.

Every book blogger is welcome to join in. This link-up is not limited in regard to genre or book format. Anything goes as long as it’s a book review!

I will share every linked review on Twitter and, if possible, add them to my Pinterest group board (send me a note if you’d like to be added to that).

Include the hashtag #ReviewotM in ANY of your book review tweets, and I will RT!

The Rules

Copy and paste this line to the bottom of your review post before adding it to the link-up:
This is my Review of the Month for the review collection on

See how DJ did it in her review: Books and Bindings review of the month

I won’t remove reviews that don’t add this link back to me. But I will focus my support on the reviews that have it.

You can add 3 reviews per month, so a total of 6! That way you won’t have to pick one favourite (I know that can be difficult), but we still have enough variety.

There are no other requirements for linking up. But it’s of course always nice and beneficial to everyone if you visit some of the other participating blogs, share and comment.


This book blogger linky is closed now, but don’t worry! Just click here and find the newest open one to add your book reviews to: Monthly Book Blogger Review Link-up

While we’re talking about growing your blog, are you on Pinterest?

If not, check out my Pinterest guide for book bloggers to get started.

If yes, let me know if you want to join my group boards: Book Review Favourites and Book Quotes Group Board.

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Tag: Three Bookish Things

Three Bookish Things Tag || Lovely Audiobooks bookblog


I love talking about books and I love doing things in threes! I was very happy to see that the amazing Saturday Night Reader tagged me for this one.


Three Read Once and Loved Authors

In chronological order:

  1. Terry Pratchett got me hooked on Fantasy.
  2. Penny Reid got me hooked on Romance.
  3. Debra Dunbar and her narratress Angela Rysk got me hooked on audiobooks.


Three Titles I’ve Watched But Haven’t Read

  1. To all the Boys I’ve loved before (so cute!)
  2. Shadowhunter: The Mortal Instrument (I was not a fan and didn’t finish the series)
  3. The Big Short (this one was sooo good!!)


Three Characters I Love

  1. Literally any woman in a contemporary romance narrated by Andi Arndt. She just has a magical voice.
  2. The Abcurses and Willa. All six of them are my book-girl- and boyfriends! Don’t judge.
  3. Sam Vimes from the Discworld. Because he’s the only character I can think of that would actually make me feel safe if I was trapped in a fantasy world.


Three Series Binged

  1. Curse of the Gods by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington
  2. The Hellequin Chronicles by Steve McHugh
  3. The Hyde series by Lauren Stewart


Three Unpopular Bookish Opinions

    1. e-book > print book. I love and cherish my print collection but I’m so happy to have a huge library on my phone and with me at all times.
    2. I dnf’ed Seven Years by Dannika Dark because I couldn’t take the stereotyping.
    3. “First times” in romance novels are often awful to me. No foreplay, no preparation, just bam, balls-deep. To quote from Hothouse Flower:
      Ryke’s advice: “You should stay away from any guy who doesn’t make you come at least twice before he fucks you. Keep that in mind.”


    Three Current Favourite Book Covers


    Three Goals for the Year

    1. I want to read more Fantasy again. It sounded here like I read only Fantasy but I actually read Romance all the time.
    2. I want to read more real quality stuff that I’m hyped about, not binge so much on the first thing I find (that might as well be new self-published books, I didn’t mean classics).
    3. I want to grow my blog and write things that matter to someone. It’s a big goal for a small audiobook review blog. But I’ll just try harder!


    I tag

    1. Jackie from Bookworm Cafe
    2. Ashleigh from Turning the Pages with Lattes
    3. Cassie Lime from Little Time To Read Today

    If you aren’t tagged but would like to do it, by all means, go ahead! This is a lot of fun and a nice bookblogger tradition 🙂


The Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award


This is probably a bit of a weird thing to say (which is entirely normal for me), but I usually feel quite invisible, both in real life and online. So, guess how surprised I was when I received my first award from the wonderful and adorable Kaili who is Entertainingly Nerdy. When then, in a matter of days, I received two more nominations from my beloved Ruth from the Rolling 20’s and from the very sweet Miss Doll with her exciting 18+ reviews I was simply stunned.

However, there are some things I’m just not good at. And this thing is nominating others. On one hand, I would really like to pass on this recognition that made me very happy, to make other new bloggers feel seen and appreciated. On the other hand, this was, for me at least, a basically impossible task to find 15 bloggers who had not received this award or at least hadn’t in a while.

Then I read Love Sawyer‘s award post and she handled it so elegantly. So I’m simply following her example and change the rules.


The Blogger Recognition Award rules:

    1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
    2. Write a post about accepting the award.
    3. Include a short summary why you started your blog.
    4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
    5. Nominate 15 other bloggers.


    How I started:

    Pretty simple, I was looking for a review on a specific audiobook because I was on a tight budget and didn’t want to spend my expensive Audible credit on something sucky. I couldn’t find one, and generally couldn’t find a lot of blogs about audiobooks. So a while later I started taking notes when listening to my Audible loot. I’ve had websites before and always wanted a blog, and also the chance to write again. So in July this year I finally went for it and put this little site together.

    Since I’m a toddler mom and currently working my main job in foster care, a freelance translation job and doing this blog, I also hope that one day this blog will add to my income. While I love working in foster care, I would rather be home with my little girl and just do translations and writing. This blog isn’t set up like one of those money-making-machine websites with countless how-to guides from 20 different fields, because first and foremost I want to write about what I love. But every time you share one of my posts, pin one of my articles or use one of my affiliate links, you’re doing something awesome for me that is truly appreciated.


    Advice for new bloggers:

    Number 1

    There will always be bloggers who have started after you but already have 10 times as many views, followers, what-have-you’s. It doesn’t matter. Do your thing! When you feel you’re going under, coming up short when comparing yourself to others, or being swamped in “blogligations”, take a step back. Remember why you started blogging. Change your routines so they become more enjoyable again. I burnt myself out after a month but this helped getting me back on track. You don’t have to win a race, so give yourself time. If you spend two months just working on content, and then another one setting up and getting the hang of Twitter, then that’s just fine. Be you! You can get wherever you want if you stay motivated and keep working.

    Number 2

    Know your resources. You will find an answer to almost all your questions on Google and Pinterest. So go and search! There are countless guides to self-hosting, monetization, blog post ideas, and of course guides to all the social media and how they can help you find your audience. But don’t be a solo fighter either. Approach other bloggers who are vocal on Twitter or join blogger Facebook groups. There are so many incredibly nice, knowledgable and supportive people in the blogger community who will support you. Don’t be scared of connecting. Many of them will welcome you with open arms (me included).



    I nominate YOU. Yes, YOU! Because you are awesome and you work so hard. Even if you sometimes feel invisible, know that you are seen. Now go forth and change the rules! Accept the Blogger Recognition Award from me. Enjoy the recognition you get every time someone comments on your blog or shares your article. And know that you are absolutely award-worthy.

    If you accept the award from me, let me know and I will gladly link to your website here!


    Thanks again to my blogging buddies for nominating me! I truly hope I can pass this award on and that no one feels like it just “wouldn’t count” if they accept it from me, because these blogging awards are a very fun tradition that should continue to flourish.