What I don’t want to read in Romance anymore in 2019 (or ever)

What I don't want to read anymore in Romance!

While I was doing my research for a new post (which means: listening to a lot of audiobooks), I also ran into some books that are very new and very popular. And that I disliked with a burning passion.

Now, I don’t judge anyone for what they want to read, especially not in Romance. You do you! Romance is about finding a happy place and about reading your fantasies. [... read more]

Are Romance novels the white bread of literature?

Why there's nothing wrong with reading Romance...

Or: Why there’s nothing wrong with listening to Romance audiobooks…

On Being a Romance Reader

As a romance audiobook listener, I sometimes feel like I’m not viewed as a “real reader”. If you ever shared this experience and/or want to know what this has to do with feminism, please read on.

I get the impression that many people believe the following: [... read more]