The Monthly Book Blogger Link-Up

Introductions and Instructions

It’s so great that you’re interested in the book blogger link-up! This is a short guide on how to join in.

Book Blogger Link-Up - a linky for book reviews

Reviews are the cornerstone of any book blog. Yet, they often don’t get a lot of love, be it through shares, comments or views.

Personally, I enjoy writing reviews the most. And I’m very pleased to be able to give all of our awesome reviews a platform here.

When you add your links to the monthly book blogger review link-ups, new visitors can find your awesome blog!

Your Review of the Month

You can add a ranting review of a 2-star book or an excited review of a 5-star book you fell in love with. Or a review of a book you find important and want everyone to read. Link the review you enjoyed writing the most or the one you feel turned out best.

Anything goes!

Every book blogger or book-reviewing blogger is welcome to join in. This book blogger link-up is open to all genres and book formats. Anything goes as long as it’s a book review!

Get support for your blog!

I will share every linked review on Twitter. If there’s a big enough image, I will also add it to my Pinterest group board.

Use #ReviewOTM for retweets!

Include the hashtag #ReviewotM in ANY of your book review tweets, and I will retweet it to my over 3200 book blogging and reading followers.

The Rules

The linky always opens on the 1st of each month and closes when the next link-up goes online. You can add 3 reviews per month.

They are meant for reviews of the current month, but you can add an older review as well if you didn’t link to it before.

Link back to me please!

Copy and paste this line at the end of your review post before adding it to the link-up:

This is my Review of the Month for the review collection on

I won’t remove reviews that don’t add this link back. But I will focus my support on the reviews that have it. More traffic to the book blogger link-up means more visitors for everyone!

Find new blogs!

There are no other requirements for joining. But it’s of course always nice and beneficial to everyone if you visit some of the other participating blogs, share the link-up and book reviews, and comment on them.

Beware the Ads…

Unfortunately, the free version of the link-up tool comes with ads. So, if you see some weird, click-bait-looking posts at the beginning of a new row, you are indeed right in assuming that it’s not a book review! But since it’s not spam, I can’t remove it.

Find the current link-up here:
Book Review Link-Up

More Blog Traffic…

While we’re talking about visitors for your book blog, are you on Pinterest?

If not, check out my Pinterest guide for book bloggers to get started.

If yes, let me know if you want to join my group boards: Book Review Favourites and Book Quotes Group Board.

The monthly book blogger review link-up is a great way how to get more blog traffic, grow and boost your website visitor numbers. When you enter your book reviews, you get social media shares and new people can find your blog. Click on the link to find out how to use the link-up and enter your book articles. #blogging #traffic #books

Every share means the world to me! Just click one of the buttons 💕

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