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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde


written by Deborah Wilde
narrated by Hollie Jackson

First things first, Nava Katz is NOT unlikable. She is quirky! And she is also not particularly good at demon-hunting, what with being thrown into it entirely unexpectedly, hence without training.

As a Buffy-fan and someone who can’t move past a book with the word “demons” in the title, I, of course, had to get this one. And I have no regrets! This is a very entertaining Urban Fantasy with some great sex scenes. Romance… not so much yet. I assume Nava will still have to work out some personal issues before she and her friend with benefits can become more. She’s a pretty complex protagonist and I felt I could relate to her. She has many different sides to her personality, being kind of a badass, but also in some ways scared of being hurt and shaken from past experiences. She feels like a real person, not a cardboard-character that you can describe with one word.

The Narration

This series is narrated by Hollie Jackson. I’m considering a rename of this blog to “Hollie Jackson fan club” because it is dawning on me that I can never go wrong with an audiobook narrated by her. Obviously, her narration is always top-notch, but the stories she chooses are usually right down my alley, too.


I haven’t finished this series so I can’t stay anything about that as a whole. This book is mainly an introduction to the world and life of Nava. But if you’re looking for a fun Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously, has demons, and truly diverse characters without stereotyping, then this is definitely a good choice!

This series is complete and all ebooks are in Kindle Unlimited. The audiobooks all have a Whispersync deal so Kindle Unlimited subscribers can pick them up for a reduced price when downloading the free ebook.

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