Urban Fantasy and Romance Books with Demons you need to listen to!

Check out my favorite Urban Fantasy and Romance books with demons that also have excellent audio versions!

Werewolves and vampires are probably the most popular supernatural creatures. But the paranormal world has a lot more to offer. And my personal favorite are demons!

I’ve always found demons to make the most fascinating protagonists. I love how they are so in tune with their wants and needs. I wonder if this says anything about me, haha

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Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance Books with Demons: What is it?

With some books, I find it very difficult to draw the line between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. And I often don’t agree with the categories used on Goodreads.

Urban Fantasy, for me, is any fantasy story with supernatural creatures or magic that’s set entirely or mostly in our real world.

In my opinion, the term has long moved away from pure city settings and now includes Paranormal Fantasy and Contemporary Fantasy, which are less well-known terms to describe these types of fantasy books.

A hidden society of supernaturals would be a very typical Urban Fantasy theme.

This genre also often has a love interest as part of the plot. And depending on how central this love story is, and whether there is a Happily Ever After, it moves into Paranormal Romance territory.

A red tinged landscape with a female looking person in the center with black hair and huge black wings

Paranormal Romance also often has a hidden population of supernaturals. But the focus is on the love story with – usually – a human woman.

The non-humans are revealed to her, and she has to decide if she wants to join. There’s often some form of secondary plot, like an enemy that has to be beaten for the couple to be safe. But most of the story is about the developing love.

In Urban Fantasy, on the other hand, the main plotline would be, for example, a criminal investigation, a fight with an enemy, or other adventures, while the love story wouldn’t be the main focus.

And that might be the problem with categorizing these kinds of stories. As an avid Romance reader, I might find a story not particularly romance-y, while other readers would consider the love story to be front and center.

The Kara Gillian Series

Mark of the Demon audiobook cover

Diana Rowland (Author), Liv Anderson (Narrator)

Find the entire series on Amazon**

If you like police procedurals, exploring new fantastic worlds, solving murders and other secrets, crushing on the wrong guy, and then finding the right one, then this series is for you!

In the earlier books, Kara Gillian, who is a cop and a demon summoner, tries to solve a gruesome murder series. Later on, the series turns more towards Fantasy when she explores the demon homeworld.

Some people criticized this genre/trope change in their reviews. But I loved it! This is an epic story, and I was absolutely hooked from start to finish.

And the narration by Liv Anderson is great! She has a range of easily distinguishable voices and is very pleasant to listen to.

You can pick up the Audible books for a reduced price with Whispersync if you also get the ebook. And this series of Contemporary Fantasy audiobooks has just gotten a new addition with book 9, Rise of the Demon!

The Kara Gillian series is simply a must-read for anyone craving Romance books with demons.

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The Imp Series

A Demon Bound audiobook cover

Debra Dunbar (Author), Angela Rysk (Narrator)

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If you’ve been to Lovely Audiobooks before, you might already know that this is MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME AND EVER AND EVER!

Meet Samantha, a middle-aged woman and self-proclaimed slumlord who is crushing on her very young, very hunky neighbor.

Sam also happens to be an imp, a demon from Hel who came to Earth for a little vacation.

Since none of the angels from Aaru are hunting her, her stay has already lasted much longer than she had hoped.

Then things happen and – without wanting to give too much away – the little imp finds herself with much more responsibility than she cares to take on.

The narration by Angela Rysk is absolutely fantastic. It’s so funny and captivating. I’ve had many laughing-out-loud moments and a fair share of “aww”-moments on top of it. Angela Rysk also has the sexiest male voices!

I have listened to these wonderful Urban Fantasy audiobooks countless times because they are so thoroughly entertaining. They have unexpected twists and turns, the entire range from light to dark emotions, and some very pointed social criticism.

All of it through the eyes of Sam, who doesn’t ever take anything all that seriously but still loves with her whole heart, and goes through immense personal growth.

There are also several spin-off series set in the Imp world if you (like me) can’t get enough.

Did I mention this is my favorite series ever? That should answer any question regarding the Audible-credit-worthiness of this series. It deserves way, way more attention than it has gotten so far.

This is the series to dive into if you are looking for Urban Fantasy Romance books with demons and angels!

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Strays by A.J. Thomas

A.J. Thomas (Author), Noel Harrison (Narrator)

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The two previous series have amazingly badass heroines. But to mix things up, this book has two pretty broken heroes.

Strays was one of my favorite books of 2019. It’s the story of an incubus who doesn’t know what he is, and the hellhound who is tasked to track him.

Noel Harrison did a perfect narration, absolutely on point, with very fitting voices for all characters. I was entirely captivated and kept wondering what was really going on. Who sent the hellhound? And who and what is Jory?!

If Strays had been a series, I would have inhaled it all already! Grab this one if you are looking for a Romance book with demons but aren’t quite ready to dive into a long series.

Demons Do It Better

Demons Do it Better cover shows a white man with black hair and long black horns on top of his head

Louisa Masters (Author), Joel Leslie (Narrator)

Get the Audible book in a deal**
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Louisa Masters and Joel Leslie are my go-to team when it comes to anything paranormal-ish Romance audiobooks.

Demons Do It Better is an incredibly entertaining M/M Urban Fantasy Romance. Sam is living a normal human life and is only accidentally hired for an office job managing the supernatural races.

But he loves his new job and co-workers. Plus, at the office, he gets to know Gideon, a broody, scary, very attractive demon.

The audiobook version of Demons Do It Better is superbly narrated by Joel Leslie, and while Sam and Gideon find their HEA in the first book, the entire Hidden Species series is extremely much fun to listen to!

Guild Codex: Demonized

Romance books with Demons: Taming Demons for Beginners

Annette Marie (Author), Cris Dukehart (Narrator), Teddy Hamilton (Narrator)

Get the entire series on Amazon**
Or get it on Libro.fm**
Or listen on Everand**

The Guild Codex world is amazing and has several sub-series through which you can dive into this Urban Fantasy universe.

Guild Codex: Demonized is about Robin’s and Zylas’ journey who have this adorable slow burn.

Zylas might be scary, but he is also the funniest. And I did not see all the twists and turns in this one coming!

Cris Dukeheart has a lot of experience narrating Annette Marie’s books but with her incredible range of voices, she makes each main character in the universe utterly unique. And Teddy Hamilton is perfect for Zylas and his special brand of terrifying and cute.

These are so very much among my favorite Urban Fantasy Romance books with demons!

A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon

A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon audiobook cover shows a short white woman with reddish hair and a darker skinned male person with horns on his head, standing back to back with their arms crossed

Sarah Hawley (Author), Helen Laser (Narrator)

Get the Audible book**
Or get it on Libro.fm**

A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon is an adorable paranormal Rom-Com. And I loved the heroine’s special power!

Mariel was supposed to be the most powerful witch in her community. But then, she only manifested plant magic. And her family makes sure to share their disappointment with her on a regular basis.

To make matters worse, Mariel accidentally summons a demon instead of flour. And the demon says he can only leave once she has made a bargain for her soul…

Helen Laser perfectly brings Mariel and sexy Oz to life in this super fun and super sexy Romance about a demon and a witch.

Need more? Check out these excellent Urban Fantasy audiobooks and scorching hot Monster Romance books!

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  1. Every time I stop by your site my TBR gets longer. I guess I am really going to have to get into audible now because I want to read all of these! Now I have to decide what to binge first, the Imp Series or Strays ?

    1. Start with Imp so you can brush up on your demon knowledge. I found it very helpful to understand Strays ?
      Normally, I’d say start with the stand-alone. But I’m serious, you learn so much about all kinds of myths surrounding demons in Imp. It made it much easier for me to know exactly what was going on in Strays, which has much less room for lore.

    1. This is just my personal definition of the genres and what I’ve seen other Urban Fantasy fans read and consider UF. If you google, you still find a lot of definitions requiring urban settings. It’s never really set in stone, is it? 😄

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