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The Wright Brothers by Christina C. Jones

The Wright Brothers series by Christina C. Jones has absolutely everything I currently need to draw me out of my on-going staying-at-home related reading slump. They’re laugh-out-loud funny Romantic Comedies with interesting protagonists and a wonderfully heartwarming community!


The Wright Brothers book 1: Getting Schooled

Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones is an Enemies-to-Lovers story. Apart from the banter that completely cracked me up and actually made me laugh out loud several times, I really appreciated that Jason isn’t your usual flawless Romance hero. I also loved the story of Reese’s mom that goes on throughout the three books and is just so cute!

Reese is my favorite kind of heroine: Smart and thoughtful, but also a little bit of a weirdo and with an utterly unexpected streak (you’ll see when you get there!). The chemistry between Reese and Jason was palpable and the entire story worked incredibly well!

“It wasn’t 90 points worth of good. You can’t let your little punany grade papers Reesie.”

“Joseph scoffed. “People lie all the time. What if this woman is a gold-digger or something?” “That would be great. I need somebody to help me dig, maybe we’ll find some.”

Getting Schooled is on my list of super funny Romance books on Audible!


The Wright Brothers book 2: Pulling Doubles

Pulling Doubles is also an Enemies-to-Lovers story. This one is about Reese’s cousin and Jason’s brother (well, obviously, what with it being The Wright Brothers series!).

It’s a workplace Romance between the “pussy-doctor” Joseph and Devyn who is a new Nurse Practitioner in the same hospital. Joseph is an entirely different person from Jason, and yet just as enthralling for me! What I also appreciated very much was that Devyn is a heroine with a chronic illness, something that’s woefully underrepresented in Romance.

I loved Pulling Doubles just as much as Getting Schooled! It’s smart, witty, and emotional!

“Then you opened your mouth and brilliance came out, and I knew I had to keep you at a distance.”


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The Wright Brothers book 3: Bending The Rules

In Bending The Rules, we get to know Toni better who used to be childhood friends with Justin, Wright Brother number 3! However, Justin did some really nasty things to Toni (at least going by her knowledge), so they aren’t exactly on speaking terms at the beginning of the book.

If you love books about the bookish world as much as I do, you can look forward to this one! Toni is a publisher and helps out with her parent’s book store (which we already visited in books 1 and 2) and Justin is a bestselling author.

Book 3 also beautifully wraps up the Happy Endings of book 1 and 2. So, you’ll feel all around happy and content with this romantic ending to the series!

“Where is your woman? Oh, right – probably getting tongued down by a for real Nigerian prince right now, cause your stupid ass wanna be stupid.”


All three audiobooks are narrated by the absolutely amazing Sean Crisden and Adenrele Ojo! Sean Crisden is honestly underrated. He has a wonderful voice with great range and intonations. I love listening to him! The same goes for Adenrele Ojo. Her voice transports all the emotions of these women so perfectly and I felt like I was there, hanging out with them.


As so often in Romance, these books do work as stand-alones. But to me, it was such a cozy, entertaining, and heartwarming experience to listen to the series from beginning to end. Not to mention the really cute story about Reese’s mom that you don’t want to miss out on and that enfolds throughout the three books.

The ebooks are all included in Kindle Unlimited and you can buy the audiobooks for a significantly reduced price when you download the ebook for free! Get started with Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones!

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