16 of the Best College Romance Books on Audible

Whether you want to get an idea of what’s to come, or want to remember the good old days (like me), College Romance books are super fun!

College is a time of exploration and learning, not only in regard to academics but also in regard to finding out who you are and what you want. Everyone’s journey is very different and the following College Romance books give this back.

Of course, they all have absolutely fantastic audio versions on Audible so you can enjoy these stories as audiobooks while cleaning up your dorm room, sorting your notes, or looking for peer-reviewed journals in the library 😉

College Romance Books

American Panda

College Romance books: American Panda

written by Gloria Chao, narrated by Emily Woo Zeller
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American Panda is a sweet Young Adult Romance. Mei is only 17 and just started college. Her parents have her life planned out but Mei can’t make herself fit the plan, no matter how hard she tries. As heartbreaking as this story is at times, it also had me laughing out loud often and the Happy Ending is perfect! The audiobook is narrated by the amazing Emily Woo Zeller.

To Have Loved and Lost

To Have Loved and Lost

written by Eliza Andrews, narrated by Angela Rysk
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Angela Rysk is one of my absolute favorite voices! I found To Have Loved and Lost when looking for more audiobooks narrated by her. This is a very emotional College Sports Romance about two young women recovering from loss and finding love again.

Starting from Scratch

Trans College Romance Books: Starting from Scratch

written by Jay Northcote, narrated by Lewis Carter
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Starting college is an opportunity for Ben to start over. But he is unsure whether he wants to share that he is transgender, something he would have to talk about if he wants to start dating. Starting from Scratch is an adorable Friends to Lovers Romance. Jay Northcote is a fantastic author whose stories always get me because they are so raw, real, and emotional.

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Best College Romance Books of all time: Smut

written by Karina Halle, narrated by Lidia Dornet and Shaun Grindell
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Smut is one of my most favorite College Romance books of all time! The story is funny, super steamy, and so damn cute. This is a great Enemies to Lovers novel about two college kids who can’t stand each other but are forced to work together on a project. And of all things, they end up writing Erotica!

Only When It’s Us

Only When It's Us

written by Chloe Liese, narrated by CJ Bloom and Nelson Hobbs
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I loved Only When It’s Us so much! There’s Willa who is such a badass when she is in control, but so insecure when it comes to dealing with people outside of her inner circle. And Ryder who struggles with anxiety after losing his hearing to an infection. This is a beautifully written, emotional Enemies to Lovers. And I was so, so happy when the two found their Happy Ending! Nelson Hobbs and CJ Bloom are perfect in this book.

Top Secret

MM College Romance Books: Top Secret

written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Christian Fox
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Top Secret is SO GOOD!! It’s one of those books that made me feel absolutely infatuated. Teddy Hamilton and Christian Fox are perfect at bringing LobsterShorts and SinnerThree to life. This is a love story that starts in a hook-up app and it’s so emotional and funny and sexy. An absolute must-listen, both for fans of College Romance books and M/M Romance in general!

Jock Row

Best College Romance Books: Jock Row

written by Sara Ney, narrated by Ava Erickson and Josh Goodman
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Jock Row takes the popular nerd/player trope and goes its own way with it. This book has an unusual but wonderful pace when we accompany Scarlett and Rowdy while they hang out on the porch and talk. This is one of my favorite Friends to Lovers books and a must-read among College Romance books!

Misadventures of a College Girl

Misadventures of a College Girl

written and narrated by Lauren Rowe
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Lauren Rowe is one of few authors I trust when it comes to virgin heroines. She knows how to take care of her girls! And so, Zooey and Tyler go on an extremely steamy, very satisfying journey in this super fun novella. But Lauren Rowe isn’t only great at writing, she’s also amazing at bringing her characters to life!

Torn And Bound Duet

Torn and Bound Duet book 1: Torn Apart

written by Nikki Ash and K Webster, narrated by Kelsey Navarro and Tim Paige
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If you enjoy angsty College Romance books and like both love triangles and “why choose”, you will have a great time with the Torn And Bound Duet! This M/F/M/M is super hot and emotional, but also has the perfect amount of angst to really give you all the feels. I absolutely loved Torn Apart and Bound Together!

Trade Me

Best College Romance Books: Trade Me

written by Courtney Milan, narrated by Xe Sands and Sean Crisden
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Trade Me is one of my all-time favorite Romance novels! I loved Tina’s and Blake’s story, the thrifty badass girl and the heir who isn’t as spoiled as he seems. Courtney Milan is such a fantastic author and Xe Sands and Sean Crisden are among the best narrators out there. This audiobook is an all around great experience and so worth it!

Getting Schooled

Getting Schooled

written by Christina C. Jones, narrated by Sean Crisden and Adenrele Ojo
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I will never get tired of recommending The Wright Brothers series by Christina C. Jones! The first book, Getting Schooled, is one of the College Romance books with older protagonists. Jason is 28 and returns to college after having been in the army. Reese is 26 and a TA. This is a super, super funny and emotional story that you absolutely do not want to miss!

Elements of Chemistry

College Romance Books: Attraction - Elements of Chemistry

written by Penny Reid, narrated by Fiona Fischer and Jacob Morgan
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Elements of Chemistry is a trilogy of College Romance books that’s so, so worth it! Book one and two end on a cliffhanger, so you definitely have to plan to go all the way if you want to get to Kaitlyn’s and Martin’s Happy Ending. Kaitlyn is inexperienced because she uses all her time to study, not to party. But she’s also a feminist badass! Martin is a bit of a player and also a rich jerkface. But he listens closely to everything Kaitlyn tells him and it’s just so wholesome and cute and damn hot!

The Risk

The Risk (Briar U)

written by Elle Kennedy, narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Virginia Rose
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I just love me a badass heroine and Brenna certainly qualifies! The Risk is book two in the Briar U series, one of the most popular among College Romance books. I loved the push and pull between Brenna and Jake. This is a super fun mix of a forbidden love and fake relationship theme. And Teddy Hamilton and Virginia Rose are such a pleasure to listen to!

Let’s Get Textual

Let's Get Textual

written by Teagan Hunter, narrated by Emma Wilder
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Let’s Get Textual is one of the funniest, cutest College Romance books on Audible! It’s wonderfully narrated by Emma Wilder and you will laugh out loud again and again, I promise! This is such a wonderful story in which an accidental text turns into a chat friendship and then into more.

The Shameless Hour

College Romance Books: The Shameless Hour

written by Sarina Bowen, narrated by Saskia Maarleveld and Nick Podehl
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College Romance Books often have virgin heroines who are looking to get more experienced. The Shameless Hour switches things around! Here we have a heroine who is a bit of a player and likes to party. The hero was holding out for his girlfriend, only to find out that she cheated on him. This is a very sweet love story and I loved the theme!

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written by Nyrae Dawn, narrated by Macy Sterling
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While you can tell that this audiobook was produced several years ago, the narration is absolutely fantastic! And the story… Oh my. Charade is heartwrenching. It’s deeply emotional and raw! And I felt so strongly for both Cheyenne and Colt who find themselves struggling with very similar, heartbreaking problems, and somehow, without meaning to, they help each other to heal.

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